There seems to be an urban legend floating around that somehow eating six small meals a day will increase your metabolism and therefore promote greater weight loss. 

This is simply not true. 

Eating six small meals a day is comparatively no different than eating 2-3 larger meals and has no metabolic advantage in regards to fat loss. Ultimately how many meals you choose to eat comes down to whatever suits your lifestyle best. 

If you are someone that simply could not eat 6 meals a day because you do not have the time or would likely forget, than forcing yourself to eat 6 times a day just isn’t going to work and you will likely revert back to your old eating habits. 

We always recommend that clients experiment and find a meal frequency that suits them. Generally this tends to be 3-4 main meals with one snack. 

There is no best diet for everyone. Peoples taste and preferences differ. Ultimately we go back to if you are consuming over the course of a day less calories than you need to maintain your current weight you will lose weight. How you choose to do this is by whichever method you can stick to. 

Currently we have clients on high carb low fat diets or low carb high fat diets, vegan diets, 5:2, WW/SW and intermittent fasting. 

The important things to consider when choosing a diet are:

  1. It should include foods that you enjoy eating.
  2. Take into consideration any health concerns and allergies.
  3. Find a method you can stick to for the long term. 

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