Terms & Conditions – HustleUK


There is a 3 month minimum term to all initial agreements at the agreed monthly rate. Subject to the “cooling off period” as detailed below, 3 full months must be completed before any cancellation of sessions or payments can be made.

After the minimum 3 months term is concluded, you will start and continue on a rolling month contract which will be charged at the above monthly rate until you give 1 months’ written notice to info@hustle-hub.co.uk prior to the conclusion of your term, to terminate the agreement. Cancellations via your personal trainer, social media, text message, or any other written media will not be accepted or acknowledged. Once the correct notice is given you will continue to receive the services you are paying for until your 3 month term has elapsed.

Payments are strictly via direct debit only. Unauthorised cancellation of your direct debit will result in a £50 charge plus the monthly membership cost of each failed direct debit. Your first month’s membership will be calculated pro rata and deducted from the bank account you have specified within the next 5 working days.

By signing up to use our services and accepting the terms and conditions on our website constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions above and as specified in the Terms and Conditions schedule detailed below. Your contract will begin from the date of signing up to the website.

Request by you for us to start work during the 14-day cooling off period:

After you have joined HustleUK, you may cancel your membership for any reason within 14 days of joining. This is called the “cooling off period”. We will not carry out any work within the cooling off period unless you instruct us to do so. If you wish to commence services immediately (during the cooling off period), please notify us by email.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that you will be liable to pay us for any services you have received during the cooling off period until you have communicated to us your notice of cancellation. This will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

Terms & Conditions
  1. HustleUK has only your very best interests at heart and use only fully qualified, experienced, HustleUK tested and approved personal trainers, nutritional advisors and sports therapists to provide your personalised, bespoke experience. All trainers are insured for personal accident and public liability and carry a valid first aid certificate. Therefore, HustleUK will accept no responsibility for any injuries that occur during one of our sessions.
  2. Your responsibility lies in knowing your own limitations and ensuring that you are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear. You have a responsibility to be assessed by a physician before taking part in any prescribed exercise or nutrition supplied by a Hustle representative. If your trainer requires further medical information, you agree to provide such details. You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to inform the trainer of any known conditions or changes to your state of health, which might affect your ability to exercise safely and with risk of injury. HustleUK cannot be held liable for any undeclared or unknown medical conditions.
  3. The advice, opinions and views expressed by a trainer are strictly those of the individual representative and do not reflect those of HustleUK. In the event that you feel that one of our trainers has acted unprofessionally we will act upon your concerns. We will immediately instigate an investigation and aim to resolve the issue to your total satisfaction.
  4. All client information will be kept confidential and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.
  5. Training sessions MUST be cancelled with STRICTLY no less than 24 hours advance notice, otherwise you WILL lose that pre-booked session. A credited session cannot be cancelled irrespective of notice given, once booked it is non-transferable. You will notify your own personal trainer of any cancellations in accordance with the rules stated in the above clause.Rescheduling of appointments that carry more than 24 hours notice will be undertaken at the trainers’ convenience and discretion. If no time is available then your session will be credited for use at a later date with no more than 2 weeks worth of sessions to be banked at any one time. Any further sessions cancelled after the two weeks cap will be automatically lost regardless of notice given. If 24 hours notice is not given then the session will be lost.

    It is acceptable to occasionally reschedule your slot. However, in the event that you consistently reschedule, it may result in the loss of your time slot and a new trainer being allocated if there is one available.

    If you are more than 20 minutes late for a training session and have not notified the trainer in advance, you will be considered a no show and will be charged for the session without participating. If the trainer has been notified then he/she may either train you until the end of the scheduled time slot if they have other appointments afterwards or they can allow you your full-time slot. The decision is at the sole discretion of the trainer.

    Time slots cannot be guaranteed after lengthy vacations or time spent without communication.

    In the event of either you the client or the trainer taking time off for holiday/sickness then up to two weeks worth of 1-to-1 sessions can be ‘banked’. This is to be decided upon and mutually agreed with the client and the trainer. If the trainer is on holiday/sick then during this time the group sessions will be accessible to you the client as normal and the 1-to-1 sessions ‘banked’ either before or after the period of holiday/sickness. Unless prior consent is given the group sessions cannot be carried over.

  1. This contract is strictly between HustleUK and you, the client, not the individual trainer. Should your trainer leave HustleUK you will be appointed a new trainer as soon as possible. Any sessions missed in the interim period will be credited for use at a later date. If you frequently change your appointment times or cancel multiple sessions in a row resulting in your current trainer being unavailable for your regular slots then an alternative trainer may be provided.
  2. All monies owed to HustleUK for services rendered or retail items will be paid to HustleUK directly via direct debit or credit/debit card through our payment provider Stripe.
  3. We require payment to terms via direct debit. Payment must be made in full, on time and without any deduction, set off or counterclaim and will be considered overdue after 2 working days. In the event that an account is outstanding then we will refer the matter to our debt collection agent, which will incur costs. Any costs incurred to collect the debt will be added to the debt, plus VAT at the prevailing rate.