If you have been following Hustle over the last 6 months you will by now have realised that we created Hustle as a gym for those that want to build their physical and mental strength by lifting weights but have little or no experience and don’t know where to go to gain that experience.

Because of this we built a community that focuses on supporting each other. Our members truly feel like they belong to something and are surrounded by like-minded encouraging people. So we deliver our PT sessions in small groups of 3 with one coach taking you through a personal training session together.

Traditional 121 training can be a very lonely experience, its just you and the trainer, but who can you bounce off during a training session and where is the fun in that? When im in other gyms I often watch other pts with their clients, half the time they are both sitting having a chat about love island or something similar. This just doesn’t happen in group PT as you are more focused on your training. Remember a good coach is there to correct your technique not hold your water bottle or count your reps.

Is traditional 121 over?

No not at all. I truly believe that 121 training still has its place. If you are an athlete training for a specific competition or race. Or perhaps you are returning from a serious injury, then the one to one route is for you.

But in the main most of us are looking to get stronger, fitter and be a healthier and happier version of themselves and that works best when you are training with other people to help push you along.

Because of this most people need similar strength programmes. We spend most of our days sat behind a deck and because of this tend to have poor posture. So on the whole we are looking for a strength programme that favours pulling exercises to correct that. We also include a lot of single leg/arm work this also looks to help improve posture by making sure we don’t have any muscular imbalances because we are stronger on one side than the other.

But what if everyone is fitter than me?

Great question! You may also be thinking, what if im new to the gym and have never picked up a weight before? At Hustle we pride ourselves on catering for the absolute beginner or for those that have ever walked aimlessly around a gym for hours on end not knowing what to do

Our unique programme is tailored to progressing you through from the absolute basics right through to giving you all the tools and confidence to one day step into a gym on your own.

Our coaches are trained to be able to manipulate and change programmes based on the individuals needs, you won’t always be necessarily doing the same thing as everyone else. Remember its still a Personal training session, just with 2 other people in the room at the same time

Believe it or not around 90% of people would be better off in a group personal training environment.

A recent study by EMD UK https://emduk.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/The-Value-of-Group-Exercise-A-white-paper-by-EMD-UK-2019-1.pdf has shown that exercising in a group environment can reduce stress levels by 26% compared to exercising alone, the results are similar for those attending group pt in terms of continuing their training vs training on their own. Over a third of those in group exercise meeting the Chief medical officers guidelines for weekly exercise.

In short most of us work better in a group environment. Because as humans we are programmed to work in groups. Think of it like this. When you got out for a meal you want to go out with other people right? Why? Because it creates an exciting atmosphere. It’s the same with going to the gym. You are more motivated to push yourself harder with others around you. With others around you getting on with their programme it inspires you to do the same.

You can still go out for a meal on you own and the outcome is the same. But the experience is completely different when you are with others.

So why would you train alone?

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