By the time we introduce changes to the clients diet, they have been training with us for a couple of weeks. They are already starting to feel more confident, stronger and stand a little taller.

At this point 1 of 2 things happens – The client approaches myself or one of the other trainers and says “I’m doing all this training but should I be changing my food if I want to see even better results?” or “I’m starting to feel a little sluggish and I’m struggling to recover after the gym sessions, should I be eating better?”

When people start asking these questions we know the client is ready to take the next step. In the previous article we mentioned that the training element we’re in control of however food is a very personal thing. Clients are coming into the gym which is my space and understand that they will have to take instruction from one of the coaches. With food we’re stepping into their home and kitchen (something that we need to be invited in to). Hence why we always let the client make the first move.

Each client is an individual but as a rule these are things that we will be asking clients to do because these are the things most of us aren’t doing, so if you want to drop your first 10 pounds start by following these guidelines:

  1. Cut out any processed food. If it doesn’t run, swim, come out of the ground or off a tree it shouldn’t be going into you. Things like cakes, biscuits, cheap sliced meats have zero nutritional quality and don’t help your internal systems to function. Simply doing this alone will drop you a few pounds.
  2. Spread out meals across the day. For females aim for breakfast lunch and dinner, males the same but include an am or pm snack. We see so many food diaries where clients are only eating 1,2 meals per day. This is not because of ‘starvation mode’ ( still hearing this from people that should know better, but to clear this up if you don’t eat breakfast you won’t gain body fat) but simply to keep your energy levels up and a constant stream of nutrients to the body.
  3. Eat lean protein at every meal. I can guarantee with every new client I met they are not eating enough protein. Protein will get you stronger and will help keep you feeling fuller for longer. For breakfast think eggs or yoghourt. Lunch lean protein such as chicken, turkey or tuna and for dinner a fatty meat such as salmon, mackerel or beef. For simplicity the amount should be the size of your palm.
  4. Eat vegetables with every meal. Veggies contain vitamins and minerals which if we aren’t eating enough of can lead to things like acne, dry skin thin or brittle nails. When these are reintroduced back into clients diets its amazing how these things clear up. The bottom line is the healthier your body is the easier its going to be to lose body fat, get stronger and feel better.
  5. Eat a small portion of healthy fat at each meal. Fats are an energy source, they help manufacture and balance our hormones (essential for fat loss). In the gym fats are critical for the transmission of nerve signals that create muscle contractions. Eating oily fish means you will be getting essential omega 3 vital for keeping internal cells fluid, increasing insulin sensitivity and therefore fat loss. If your meal doesn’t contain a fatty meat (salmon, mackerel or beef) then add half a tablespoon of either seeds, olive/coconut oil or half an avocado.
  6. Don’t cut out carbs. Lets say it again, carbs don’t make you fat. Low activity levels and eating more food than your body needs does! For my clients I will ask them to consume most of their cabs around training as carbs are the bodies most preferred energy source. As a guide line try 40g of uncooked rice or 150g sweet potato.

Don’t forget to take photos and weigh yourself before you start and then every week to monitor your progression.

Trying these simple steps along with the training guidelines from part 1 (link here) and you will be well on your way to losing your first 10 pounds.

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