Most of the clients that we meet fall into two categories. Those that have done SOME exercise before and those that haven’t.

Either way, both groups will have picked up some misconceptions or taken on board some bad advice which they now consider to be true.

So this week lets tackle the biggest myths around training:

Shocking your body by training differently everyday

In order to get stronger we need to perform something called progressive overload. This simply means every time we train we are looking to get improve in weight lifted, reps achieved or we complete an exercise with better form. This involves a certain level of repetition.

At Hustle we have set exercise plans which our members perform for 8-10 weeks. During this time and with the use of log books they record their reps, kg and rate their technique.

Over the course of those 8-10 weeks the aim is to have made improvements in at least some or all of those areas.

Without performing the same exercises, in the same order it wouldn’t be possible for them to compare one week to the next and be able to see if they have improved.

Only doing cardio to lose weight

Not only has research shown time and time again that cardio isn’t as effective for losing weight as commonly thought, I believe there is a much bigger issue.

On the whole those that want to lose weight have a lot of body fat to lose and their muscles are weak. So there is a heavy load causing a serious amount of impact with every stride on the treadmill or jog around the block.

So what do you think is going to happen?

Untrained muscle and excess body fat can leave our bodies prone to injury from excess cardio not to mention if we are overweight it’s going to be uncomfortable for us.

At Hustle we take a different approach. We look to get people to increase their daily activity by moving more and recording their steps. This is much less taxing for the body and over the course of the day is going to create more of a calorie burn than being on a treadmill for an hour and not being able to go quickly anyway as our knees are on fire!

Lifting weights will make you bulky

Ok here it is my personal favourite and something we have covered before but is always worth mentioning. This message is slowly going away but it’s still something I’m going to hear from those who are new to exercise.

In order to gain muscle you are going to need to eat a lot of protein and train heavy with weights over a long period of time with the sole intention of doing so!

If it was as easy as picking up a dumbbell and doing some curls there would be a lot more guys walking around like the terminator!

At Hustle we look at muscle in a different way. For most of our clients they are looking to be the best version of themselves and be confident in their own body.

By training with weights we can make sure that we don’t allow our bone or muscle mass to decrease causing lack of mobility in older age.

Likewise by training certain muscles we can help strengthen specific areas helping us to stand taller and move more freely.

How confident would that make you feel?

If you want any help or advice busting myths or misconceptions please complete the contact form or click here to get started and we would be happy to help!

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