“On the recommendation of my daughter I visited Hustle 3 months ago. I am a very overweight type 1 diabetic 68 year old woman. I said to Richi “have I left it too late?”, having never excised in my life and hated sports at school. His answer to me was simple – “It’s never too late”, so I joined Hustle and have never looked back. I started off with my hubby on the one-to-one sessions for a couple of weeks then added one group session progressing to now two a week to compliment my one-to-one training.

It is hard work (i’m not going to say it’s not!) but MY OH MY the difference in my fitness is remarkable. I can now walk around the shops without the wheelchair, the aches and pain I used to get have vanished but the biggest change of all is my health. I have been type 1 diabetic for 22 years and when I had my 6 month check, this time my readings were the lowest they have ever been (and my husband is also no longer type 2!) and I have reduced my isulin by nearly half.

It is all down to Hustle and the patience of Richi. He doesn’t let me give up and keeps pushing, not in an unkind way but in a way he knows I can manage. I love the one-to-one session, I get so much from them and com eaway always feeling good.

The weight loss is going very slowly but that i’m told is a good thing as it should stay off this way.

If you are sitting at home thinking “is it too late?”, it definitely isn’t – so come along and join us! It is a fun group and everyone is supportive of everyone else as we are all there for the same reason.

Come and have a chat with the guys at Hustle and i’m sure they will be able to help you like they helped me!”

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