“The picture shows 7 months of my recovery from an injury. I was very nervous and scared about the prospect of exercise but my aim was to be able to feel confident enough to join in fitness classes. I’m 63 and didn’t want to be someone that uses a mobility scooter when I retired in a few years time .

February 4th was the day I went to the new venue and was introduced to Hustle. That’s when the work was about to start. I was now using proper equipment like in a real gym. I was still scared, when I told Richard he replied “so am I love” as he got me doing a squat on my recovering achilles. 2 weeks later I attended my first 30 minutes class. The following week I did 2 classes along with hour one to one session. The last week in march I did 4 classes and had last hour one to one.

I don’t quite know when things changed , but I noticed I had more energy , it was like I had more hours in a day , other classes members started to talk to me , I was loosing a few pounds and my appetite was getting smaller. I felt happier, more alive , I found myself thinking on the days I hadn’t booked a class perhaps I could just see if I could book myself into a class.
I can’t quite believe what a change has come about in 2 months , my leg still hurts sometimes, and I still walk with a limp on occasions but it doesn’t get me down as it did.

I know it’s only temporary and I’m really proud of what I’m doing now and I can now see that I have an opportunity to improve further . Who knows what the next few months will bring.”

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