“I joined Hustle 8 weeks ago because I wanted to lose weight & build muscle back. After giving up playing sport I put on weight & had no motivation. I had lost some weight before joining Hustle but since joining this has given me more focus & determination to reach my goals, already I have lost over 2 stone in those 8 weeks. I now have more energy to put into everyday life which has been great.

This has been achieved by the support that the Hustle team & in particular Richi has given. Following the nutrition plans along with the weekly check ins keeps me on track. Cooking has never been my best attribute but with the constant advice & feedback from Richi I have become a bit of a chef!

I have not really been a gym goer in the past but have found Hustle a friendly place full of great characters of all different abilities with the same goals. They all welcome you in & it has been a great place to workout.

I look forward to continuing working with Hustle & Richie to reach my goals & would recommend Hustle to anyone.”

Richi says: “Probably one of the greatest turn around I have had in such a short space of time. Keith has gone from having no breakfast, a banana for lunch and a heavy meal in the evening. Over the last few weeks Keith has started having a quality breakfast, lunch and dinner which has seen his protein intake massively improve. This along with his strength training is why Keith has lost 22lb of body fat whilst losing no muscle mass! An incredible achievement in only 8 weeks.”

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