“A year ago I made a promise to myself to get my act together and lose the weight I had gained over the years since having my daughter. She is now 7 so I had no excuse anymore. I was living in denial, telling myself I’ll start on Monday…. like we all do but it never really happens. I was so unhappy and lacked confidence.

I lost 2 stone in just over 9 months and dropped from a size 14/16 to a size 10, a huge achievement some would say. However I was still unhappy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I lacked confidence and got in a routine of exercising 4-5 times a week, having “cheat meals” and then feeling rubbish about myself for doing so, ending up back in the gym to burn it off. Only to repeat the same over and over. I even resorted to googling “how to lose weight quickly” or “why am I not losing belly”. I wasnt where I wanted to be and seemed to have forgotten how far I had come. This wasnt how I wanted to be living my life like. 

My husband could see I was miserable and was the one who told me to join hustle. We live round the corner so I didnt really have an excuse not to try. 

I met with Richi and he wasnt like the other Personal trainers you meet in the gym. He was honest and really cared about your wellbeing. I felt positive instantly and excited of what was to come. During my training with Richi not only helped physically but he completely changed my mentality. 

I learnt that I dont need to spend hours training. I can train 2 sessions a week and really push myself using correct form and control in order to achieve results. And I did, I lost 6 pounds of fat but also gained 4 pounds of muscle. 

The support from the other hustlers during the group classes played a huge part in my confidence boost. I never felt alone like I do in most gyms. Everyone is so friendly and funny – classes are never dull I can assure you! I felt part of a team of motivated and hard working people that were on similar journeys and we were all in this together. 

Most importantly for me I learnt that there is no finish line or deadline when it comes to achieving your goals. I’m on a  healthier journey of my life that I will continue to be on for years to come in order to not only achieve further results but to maintain the results i have already achieved. I can take this at my own pace with persistence and patience.  When you realise that yourself you can achieve anything.”

Richi says ‘From the first meet I could see Natasha had the determination needed to get some real results. She said to me ‘if you give me something to do I will do it.’ This made working with Natasha so easy. During the 10 week period seen in these photos Natasha went from 28% body fat to 23% body fat. Amazing work Natasha, keep doing what your doing’ 

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