“My journey started with Hustle 16 weeks ago when I was at my heaviest of 16st 12lbs.

I had been unable to do any exercise for over 6 months due to a Disc bulge. However from starting with Richard, building everything up slowly. My back began to both loosen and strengthen to point where just 6 weeks from starting with him, my physiotherapist was soo happy with the progress that he discharged me.

Richard is very good not only with the physical training, but with the mental training also. He makes sure that you feel comfortable and genuinely cares for all his clients wellbeing. I can say that he has become a friend as well as my trainer.At the beginning I had lost all confidence in my body and in my mind I was close to the point of no return with my weight. I didn’t see how I could shift all that weight to achieve my goals.

To date I have lost over 3 stone and have gone from a 38 waist to a comfortable 30. None of this could have been done without the training and support of Richard.

The nutrition was the hardest thing for me. I have a wife who has a medical condition and needs to eat a lot of fatty foods in her diet. So at the beginning eating chicken and rice while my wife sits next to me with burger and chips or a pizza, it was very hard not to cave in. However, I knew with the support and belief of Richard my will power would grow and make things a lot easier. I used to tough out the nutrition only to look forward to have a cheat meal at the weekend and spent my whole week building towards that cheat day. Now my mindset has completely changed, I’m not living for a cheat meal or cheat day. I still get cravings but I know I don’t need to satisfy them and don’t want to. I have went from over eating by over 1000 calories to being on a calorie deficit of around 600 calories for the last 16 weeks and have lost over 15% body fat from it.”

“Sometimes the goals you set first involve multiple goals within, that need to be achieved before the end results is possible. Richard helps you break down your goals into manageable monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly and even life time goals to help you truly realise what you want to achieve.

My goal is a big one, which will take a long time to achieve. However, I have reached multiple goals so far and although I’m still a way away from achieving my goal, I’m comfortable and fully confident in knowing that with each session my goal is closer in reach, I would not want to take this journey with anyone other than Richard.”

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