“I’ve been training with HUSTLE. for the last 18 months, starting weight was 92kg’s. In the past I thought I could get away with eating anything, as long as I trained 3-4 times a week!

Richi has supported me throughout my journey & made me realise it’s not just about exercise, but also what I eat! Regular exercise, logging my eating, portion sizes & looking at nutrition have all played a big part in me now seeing steady weight loss to reach my 77kg goal.

Training with Richi has never felt like a chore, his approach is to make it fun, push you to your own ability, but also stretch you to the next level to meet your overall goals. I feel more confident with every kg I lose, thank you Richi for your persistance & patience, I look forward to achieving further goals in the coming months!

Richi: “The biggest issue Sarah faced was the nature of her job. Often away for a week at a time staying in hotels. So We had to create a meal plans which involved purchasing healthy foods she could buy on the go.

Along with scale weight we have also been regularly taking circumference measurements with some amazing results
Hips 117cm to 104cm
Waist 111cm to 90cm
Chest 111cm to 99cm
Legs 57 cm to 51cm.
It just shows its not all about the scales”

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