“Why did I start ? Well I had become complacent about my weight, health and general fitness and all of a sudden here I was at 54. I decided to do something about it ? That’s when I got in contact with Richi. Our first session, and enthusiasm was in abundance ” not mine ” after an hour I thought I’m so unfit, I couldn’t do a squat, press up or plank! I went home thinking I’ll pay for this month but I’m not going again, it’s not for me I thought to myself. But what I had not considered was the determination of Richi, he called and called until after about 5 weeks I answered. All he wanted from me was to attend a few sessions and to meet some of his clients.

This is where my story begins. What a friendly bunch all ages all shapes and sizes, I didn’t feel the odd one out, which is how id felt at other gyms, classes.

On my one to one’s we started to talk about what I was eating, quantities, carbs and sugars which all revolved around my diabetes. My levels had been creeping up and I did not want to up my medication. Working together with Richi on my nutrition, portion control and fitness we have been able to bring down my sugar levels down which my diabetic nurse is extremely pleased with, my bad fats have gone down and my good fats up, I’ve also managed to drop 3 dress sizes all down to the correct advise and attending classes.

Meeting Richi 15 months ago has made probably the biggest difference anyone has ever had on my life. I look better, I feel better about myself, my health has improved. I have met some really wonderful people who have become friends. I’ve changed from a not for me into let’s give it a go.”

Richi: “Pobably one of the biggest mind set shifts in a client I have encountered. Initially Sharon was quite resistant to change around her food, she had been avoiding carbs and with her training she wasn’t comfortable in working in groups, fast forward to today and Sharon is the first one to put her name down for the group sessions and her diabetic nurses is over the moon with her levels and weight loss.”

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