I joined HUSTLE to get fit again after suffering a ruptured Achilles during a football game.

I’d been on and off fit over the last 10 years – enjoying weights at the gym and playing football regularly with friends. Last November I suffered a severely ruptured Achilles during a football match and spent most of the next 6 weeks on crutches followed by slowly learning to walk again and receiving physiotherapy.

I came across HUSTLE by chance when I walked past the gym and was surprised to see a slick, clean and well-presented gym in Crawley.

At this stage, I was more than 5kg over my usual weight due to lack of activity, no consideration of eating habits and my physiotherapy sessions felt outdated and showing little progression.

I couldn’t find the motivation to exercise and recover from my injury – it felt like too much of a long and slow journey.

When I joined up to HUSTLE, Richi was brilliant at understanding the challenges I was having and the stage I wanted to be at again. He helped me to think about the journey and we started the sessions straight away. Richi knows how to motivate me and how far he can push me in a session to get the best out of me. He really gets to know his clients and he fine-tunes his programmes just enough, to suit all of us.

8 weeks later I’d lost 5 kg and we’d set a very simple calorie intake plan – something which I was not interested in at the start – but I’ve enjoyed being more considerate of my intake.

The PT sessions helped me to build strength in my upper and lower body – being able to manage more weight than I could even before my injury. Even though I’d enjoyed weight sessions at the gym in the past – I was learning so much more about efficient weight lifting.

The HIIT classes helped me to trim down and slowly start putting my Achilles through the sorts of pressure it needed to handle.

8 months after my injury I’ve finally gone back to playing football without any struggle and it’s all thanks to HUSTLE.

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