Ok, lets be really honest here. If you could walk in to any gym and get a workout, remain highly motivated and have a clear set of goals around improving your body shape then hiring a personal trainer isn’t going to be for you.

There is a host of quality websites offering programmes and you can easily get a meal plan from the internet for free.

But what about the rest of us?!

Surprisingly the above only applies to a small percentage of us. Most of us are intimidated by the gym and wouldn’t know one end of a dumbbell from the other let alone calculating macros.

Lets put it like this. You can download a you tube video on how to fix your car. You can try to fix but even if you get the job done its gone to take longer, require more effort and that’s assuming you get it right and don’t break something else in the process!

When it comes to our own bodies (the most valuable asset we have) we are happy to try to fix it ourselves rather than seeking help from a professional.

Why do we place so little value on ourselves?

Having a personal trainer means that exercises can be tailored to your individual body type, if someone has a weak upper back which is causing rounding to the shoulders they would need a programme that’s designed with more pulling than pushing movements. With a personal trainer exercises can be broken down and if a certain movement pattern isn’t right for a client then suitable alternatives can be found. If needed exercises can be regressed or progressed making sure you are moving safely and correctly at all times.

Then there is the small matter of accountability. If we were all highly motivated around having the best body shape we can have, then we would all look how we wanted to look.

So why don’t we?

Because getting in the best shape is not easy and requires high levels of motivation. That’s where a personal trainer comes in. You book into your session the same as you would with your doctor. When the day comes you might not want to go but your committed and it wouldn’t just be you that you’re letting down but someone else. Plus there is no chance of you sitting on your mobile phone with a personal trainer there to motivate and encourage you. Once the session is over we can guarantee you will always feel better than when you arrive.

At HUSTLE. we put a real emphasis on our clients understanding the benefits of strength training. Giving you the tools to one day be able to walk in to any gym and get a workout that has a clear set of goals while remaining highly motivated.

We want all our members to be able to learn more about themselves, to know how to train with weights, to be able to manage their own training and to have an awareness of nutrition. We can also teach you new exercises and ways of training so you won’t feel stuck in the same old exercise routine. Fundamentally we consider having a PT to be source of constant physical, mental and personal development.

In summary, if you are thinking of improving your body shape then please think about getting some professional advice. Hiring a professional will save you time, effort and reduce the risk of injury and most importantly actually get you the results you require.

You would do it if it was your car!

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