“My past relationship with food has been very unhealthy – at times eating nothing and living on black coffee or mostly one meal a day to keep my weight under control on a very strict regime. I had a very bad self image and when I look back at photos and see now that I was young and slim I thought myself greatly overweight especially compared with my contemporaries who much shorter and finer boned than me. I was the “big one” who towered over her friends and looked twice as wide. Over the years I’ve also dealt with binge eating because I felt safe in my fatness. So all round you could call it self-sabotage and I was a yo-yo dieter for so many years and I also over-exercised.
When my Mum died I fell apart emotionally and started binge eating. I also developed my balance issues, so now wasn’t safe to do aerobics and jogging to counteract the extra calories I consumed. I lost confidence because I fell over so much and only went out if I was with my husband. My weight ballooned. I tried the no eat/one meal a day diet. I felt so ill all the time and still my weight ballooned.
That’s when I met Richi and he helped me believe in myself that I could loose weight and not be obsessed with eating too little and over-exercising. This all happened just as 
I had a target to aim for – my son was getting remarried in the late spring and I wanted to loose some weight before their big day. So with Richi’s input l upped my exercise sessions slightly and with healthy portion control set a realistic goal of loosing 1lb a week. Their wedding arrived and it was the most beautiful day with family and friends and I felt so confident and comfortable – I was up dancing as my strength and stamina had returned!
I took time out from dieting over the summer but still exercised and allowed myself some treats. Then back to my weight loss target and more weight loss by Christmas. I relaxed over Christmas and didn’t regain much weight but then gained weight when I had a virus in January and couldn’t eat as it affected my vertigo/physical movement badly – I was very disappointed in myself! Sharing my problem with Richi made all the difference. He encouraged me to log my food more accurately on an app and get a step counter and be more mobile outside of the classes. So I followed his advice and set myself a realistic step target, used the food app and weighed my food portions and I have now lost that regained weight and am continuing on my fitness and weight loss regime safely.
The Hustle classes are great and we’re all very supportive of each other as we’re all on this journey together. I’ve met and made some great friends and we encourage each other all the time. We all have up and down times but Richi supports us with a smile and a joke – even when we’re all moaning and groaning!
Richi has taken the time to listen and understand me as a person, my physical conditions, and my age (born in 1952). He has always taught me how to use the gym equipment and weights properly, how to exercise and build my strength and how best to do that. I have gained so much physical confidence and I will be continuing my fitness and weight loss journey with Richi because I totally trust him. I couldn’t have done any of this without Richi’s support, ongoing wisdom and encouragement.”